About Us

We are an American-based site dedicated to the promotion and news coverage of Japanese entertainment, anime, manga, culture, and music.

Our name, JAM GENESIS, is our mission. Each letter represents what we will cover– J: Japan, A; Animation, M: Manga, G: Games, E: Entertainment, N: News, E: Events, S: Song/Music, I: Illustration/Art, and S: Seiyuu.

David C. - Gaming & Technology
N. Castro - Editor & Translator
Dan Chan. - Music & Idol sub-culture
Stacy D. - Fashion
Rebecca C. - Seiyuu & Anime
Jason Szeto - Cosplay and Event Photographer
Anne Wu - Cosplay
Lawrence H. - Anime & Translator

Lisa S.
Suh Kim

If you are interested in joining our close-knit team of writers, reporters, and editors, please apply here.