E3 Report: My First Final Fantasy XV Impression and More.

It’s that time of year, massive amounts of sensory overload and me ODing on video game press releases.
And as always here are my top highlights of the event.


Final Fantasy XV
Well firsts things first, my first chance to give Final Fantasy XV a try. The hype for this release was as high as expected with lines to demo the game (And a chance earn some bragging rights in the form of a T-shirt) snaked to neighboring exhibits. Luckily members of the press were given a chance to take their best shots at defeating the boss of an early act. Unluckily the party I was paired with didn’t quite have the team comp we needed to rise above the challenge.
The game clearly cares about have members of you party taking responsibility of all the important roles of tank, dps, and healer. All in all I’m hopeful that SQUARE ENIX has made the right choice in placing their bets on this game.

PS4 vs Xbox One
How could I not throw this in. Its not exactly the anyone’s best kept secret but as a fan the Xbox 360 console, I must say the disappointment must fan are feeling seemed more and more justified each day I was at E3. Even the glimmer of hope for a form factor 360 resulted in sub-par reception due to it still being quite sizable.

Oculus Rift
For those of there who have been following this development the past few years, the new price point of the VR headset is exciting news. The EVE online demo featuring the tech was every Wing Commander fan’s dream come true. My two cents is that we ought to keep our eyes out for more news, and hope that it takes off in mainstream development.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Last of all to round out the highlights, Clothes Physics XIII, I mean Final Fantasy XIII. With the limited edition Cloud skin and the rest of Lightning’s new outfits, its clear the developers really wanted to show off the physics engine behind the game. Serious though it was pretty neat.

And that rounds off my top E3 2013 highlights. I must say it is a one of a kind convention as always.