Seiyuu Minaguchi Yuuko Goes on Hiatus to Fulfill her Dream

Veteran seiyuu Minaguchi Yuuko announced today that she is going on temporary leave from her voice acting duties to go study abroad. According to her blog entry, it has always been her dream to learn to speak English fluently and to live in another country. Her decision to do so happened last summer at the dawn of her thirtieth anniversary as a voice actress. She was also influenced by the March 2011′s Touhoku disaster in Japan as well as her first experience in a theatrical play. Where she will be going is still unknown, but we assume it will be an English speaking country where she could expand her English language studies.

Minaguchi Yuuko is most known for her roles as Sailor Saturn/Tomoe Hotaru in the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime series, Inokuma Yawara in Yawara!, Farah Oersted in Tales of Eternia, Pan and Videl in the Dragonball series, and Yamabuki Midori in Dr. Slump.

She will be missed and we hope she comes back to the voice-acting industry with a new-found fluency in English!