JAM Project’s Fukuyama Yoshiki on Work Hiatus Due to Health

Fukuyama Yoshiki announced on Sunday that he will be putting his music work on hold due to poor health. At the request of his doctor, Fukuyama has agreed to rest but plans to continue his work when his health improves.

Fukuyama Yoshiki, a long-time member of the music group JAM Project, will not be able to participate in their performances during the Nichibei ANI-SONG Summit’s Japan Tour 2012. All his planned live appearances have been cancelled until further notice.

Fukuyama Yoshiki is most known as the singing voice of Nekki Basara in Macross 7 and his band HUMMING BIRD, as well as an active member of JAM Project. Over the years, he has contributed many of his songs to anime titles such as Busou Renkin, Ehrgeiz, and Kamen no Maid Guy. He has also performed as part of JAM Project in anime titles such as éX-Driver, Choujuushin Gravion, Mazinkaiser, Scrapped Princess, The Soultaker, and Yu-Gi-Ou! Duel Monsters GX.

Source: JAM Guru