Gintama’ Anime to End After Six Years

Gintama anime fans all over the world, despair. It has been confirmed that the last episode of the Gintama’ anime will be broadcasted next week in Japan on March 26, 2012. After six glorious years and five whole seasons of laughter and tears that made up the Gintama anime, it is finally coming to an end… And the actual manga is far from over!

What did you say? The manga isn’t over yet? The manga is finally getting to the actual plot, you say? Yes, indeed. Take it positively or negatively, but the manga doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon and it is only going to get more exciting as the actual main plot unfolds. We will have to console ourselves by just reading the manga. However, we won’t be able to see any of these arcs animated, which is a giant disappointment. I for one, will sorely miss the lively and well-appointed seiyuu cast as they practically breathed life into the characters each week. However, let us not give up hope completely. Takamatsu Shinji, the director of the Gintama anime and the mysterious voice of our resident alien duck Elizabeth, tweeted:

eli_ossan2 (Takamatsu Shinji): “終り? バカ言ってんじゃねぇよ。 まだ始まってもいねえよ。” (“The end? Don’t be a f*cking idiot! We haven’t even started yet!”)

These were the same exact words he used during the Gintama Haru Matsuri event in 2010 when the Gintama anime was going on hiatus. Hopefully, in a year or two, the anime we have all come to cherish and enjoy over the years will be back– this time with a larger arsenal of material from Sorachi.

On a side note, the Bleach anime and the Beezlebub anime are both ending on the same week as well.