The Sixth Annual Seiyuu Award Winners Announced- Part I

Some of the winners of the 6th Annual Seiyuu Award has been announced! The rest of the winners will be announced on March 2nd and on March 3rd during the official ceremony event. The Annual Seiyuu Awards are held each year awarding various voice actors that have contributed to Japan’s dubbing and media industry. Among the awards given are the Special Merit Award, given to deceased voice actors  who’d contributed widely to many genres and foreign works during their career, the Synergy Award, an award given to those who have effectively brought out their best in a single work, and many more. The following are a partial list of winners that have won this year in 2012.

-Special Merit Awards-
Award to the veteran seiyuu who have recently passed away and have contributed vastly to many works including foreign films and series during their career.

Kobayashi Osamu
Notable Roles: Mission Impossible (TV): Willy Armitage; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Alastor Moody; Uchū Densetsu Ulysses 31: Ulysses


Takiguchi Junpei
Notable Roles: Dragon Ball series: Uranai Baba, Porunga; D. Gray-man: The Millennium Earl; Cyborg 009: Doctor Kozumi; Batman (TV): Joker


Watabe Takeshi (1931-2011)
Notable Roles: Ginga Eiyu Densetsu: Helmut Lennenkampf; Hokuto no Ken: Kiba Daiou; Naruto: Gamabunta



-Merit Awards-
Award for veteran seiyuu who have contributed to many areas in their career.

Asou Miyoko

Notable Roles: Sazae-san: Isono Fune; Ranma 1/2: Cologne; Captain: Takao’s mother



Kimotsuki Kaneta
Roles: Tom and Jerry: Tom; Doraemon (TV Asahi): Honekawa Suneo; Doraemon (Nippon TV): Jaian; Galaxy Express 999: Conductor



-Synergy Award-
Award for the seiyuu working together to produce an innovative and popular work/series as a whole.

Series: Inazuma Eleven
Voices: Takeuchi Junko as Endou Mamoru and Terasaki Yuka as Matsukaze Tenma.
Notable Roles for Takeuchi Junko: Naruto: Naruto; Hunter x Hunter: Gon Freaks; Digimon Frontier: Kanbara Takuya
Notable Roles for Terasaki Yuka: Yugioh! 5D’s: Luca




-Tomiyama Kei Award-
Award for the male seiyuu who has influenced and contributed to the voice acting profession in all forms of media.

Horiuchi Kenyuu

Notable Roles: Star Wars Episode IV: Hans Solo; Seinfeld (TV): Jerry Seinfeld; Angelique series: Oscar



-Takahashi Kazue Award-
Award for the female seiyuu who has influenced and contributed to the voice acting profession in all forms of media.

Touda Keiko

Notable Roles: Soreike! Anpanman: Anpanman; GeGeGe no Kitarou (3rd series): Kitarou; Star Wars Trilogy: Princess Leia Organa



-Children/Family Award-
Seiyuu award chosen by kids.

Ootani Ikue

Notable Roles: Pokemon: Pikachu; ONE PIECE: Tony Tony Chopper; Konjiki no Gash Bell!: Gash Bell; Meitantei Conan: Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko; Tenkuu no Escaflowne: Merle



-Overseas Fans’ Choice Award-
Seiyuu award chosen by overseas fans.

Sakurai Takahiro

Notable Roles: Final Fantasy VII series: Cloud Strife; Toriko: Coco; Cyborg 009 (new TV): Shimamura Joe/009; Mononoke: Kusuriuri; Konjiki no Gash Bell!: Takamine Kiyomaro; Kyou Kara Maou!: Shibuya Yuuri; Code Geass: Kururugi Suzaku



Personal Comments: I am personally ecstatic about Touda Keiko, Ootani Ikue, and Sakurai Takahiro getting awards. They have been sorely overlooked in all the previous Annual Seiyuu Awards list. I was hoping Sakurai would be getting the Best Male Seiyuu Award, but he hasn’t really done too many main character roles lately. All of those have been monopolized by Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke or several other male seiyuu newcomers. I guess that’s just how the industry is… But, I’m still happy that he got the Overseas Fans’ Choice Award– I’m proud to say I participated in voting for him. :)


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