Hello Kitty-themed Dental Clinic in Tokyo?

A Hello Kitty-themed dental clinic has opened in Tokyo– will Japan ever cease to amaze me?

Originally opened in November 2011, the clinic was remodeled over the New Year’s as a way to change how people felt about dental clinics. Dental clinics are generally looked upon as painful and scary, especially for kids and children, but I’m thinking this Hello Kitty clinic has a different kind of “scary” going on. The outside of the clinic now sports a pink sign with a Hello Kitty bow as well as Hello Kitty in a nurse’s hat on the window. The inside is even more spectacular with pink decor and heart-shaped stools and chairs and even a heart-shaped sink. There are even three differently themed rooms with three different names that serve a different function. The Kitty Pearl room is where patients get their treatment diagnostics, Kitty Ruby is where they get their treatment, and the Kitty Diamond room is where they undergo special treatment or surgeries.

It’s amazing how far this Japanese dental clinic will go to increase their clientele. But the question is, will he even get male patients anymore?

Original Source: Netlab