Hiro Shimono Featured in New Hyadain Song


Hyadain(Middle) Hiro (Right)

Popular voice actor Hiro Shimono (下野紘) has recently been featured in the b-side tract of Hyadain’s upcoming single scheduled to be released on 11/23 of this year. The tract is titled Ano hino boku e (あの日のボクへ) meaning “For myself in the past”. With the song revolving around a message between the future and past version of the singer.

So how did this all happen? It all started with Hiro Shimono saying Hyadain was his personal favorite composer and musician. One thing lead to the next and the next thing we knew Shimono was in one of Hyadain’s promotional videos(PV). Apparently the two are now good friends and they decided to record this song together. Both the PVs for the song and the just featuring Hiro Shimono through an appearance can be seen through the Youtube links below.

And for those of you who do not know who Hyadain (ヒャダイン) is. Hyadain is the name of the niconico personality created by composer Kenichi Maeyamada (前山田健) for him to create and release both game remixes and original tunes. His internet persona eventually became such a hit that it allowed him to bridge the gap between composer and artist.