Bizarre, Creepy, and Weird… AKBaby

Bizarre, Creepy, and Weird are some of the things being said about the recent AKB48 fan club feature called AKBaby, which allows fans to “make babies” with the girl of their choosing. A “baby” is generated when they upload their photo to the AKBaby photo generator. The photo generator allows fan to “breed” and “have children” with their favorite member by combining an uploaded photo of themselves with a member of the super popular pop group.


Photo reads "Will you make a child with me?"

Of course this isn’t free. In order to “procreate” with your dream girl, through this bizarre baby maker, users have to pay 1,480 yen per month(about 19 USD).

Whats do I think about this?
I think it crosses the line for promoting girls as idols and takes marketing too far. Its pretty gross and creepy. I’m wondering who the heck on the management staff of AKB48 thought this one up. Well, to them its I probably just its another way to capitalize off the weird fantasies of fans. I shutter at the though of people naming and “raising” their make believe children. Just think, some fans will probably showoff their babies to the girls at fan events saying, “Look at our son/daughter”. I was laughing at the thought, but then I was weirded out again.