First Impressions: Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai Episode 01

I wasn’t exactly sure why I decided to pick this anime up, but I can definitely see the appeal the visual novel had on the mass market, predominately the fan boys. This anime definitely falls under the Tenjou Tenge formula; lots of action packed muscles, upskirts, pretty girls, and fight scenes. If the first episode couldn’t chime the audience in on what exactly this whole series will be about, then the genre tags will definitely give you more insight than anything the episode 01 had to offer; harem, seinen, mature.

Upon opening sequence you get no OP theme, no gentle lead in, no actual introduction whatsoever. The viewer is actually tossed straight into what one would think was the final episode of a 25 piece anime that was done for the season as opposed to just premiering. We are thrown head first into an all out war between what is mentioned to be a high school rivalry between Blue team’s Class S and Red team’s Class F. Blue are the social elite, number 1 ranking class in the school while Red is the underdog and lowest ranked class; hard to tell since the red team seem to have more experienced fighters as well as better strategists.

 I’m not going to go through the volley of character introductions since the show just threw that at the viewer at such rapid fire speed between battle scenes that it was hard to keep everyone’s names all in one space, but we do come to find out that head strategist for Team Red is Yamato Naoe, the main lead and the head tactician for the team. He creatively and ingeniously leads team Red to victory over the higher populated team Blue, one, by turning their subordinates against them, and two, by placing highly skilled fighters in precise positions for ambush. During the battle we get minor flash backs from Yamato’s past, depicting a rejection from Momoyo Kawakami who he has a brother-sister type relationship with and whom he is in love with, but who wont return his feelings as she sees him as a weakling. We also find out that Momoyo is the strongest fighter in the school and a part of what is called the Big Four (no information is given about this or the characters past).

Momoyo turns up near the end of the fight to aid team Blue even though we can assume she is originally from F Class. Momoyo turns against her friends because she feels this would add more fun to the game and more of a challenge for everyone. Luckily for Yamato he had already pre-planned for such an outcome by soliciting the help of the elder sister of the Blue Team’s Commanding officer. We are then thrown into a melee of chaos as more characters are introduced for an abrupt all out full force battle for ultimate domination as suddenly all four of the “Big Four” ladies emerge to battle one another (reminder…they literally appeared out of nowhere with no explanation…running theme in the show).

But just as any good seinen show must end, the F class prevails and everyone celebrates the victory….of the very first premier episode(━┳━ _ ━┳━). As we come to a close Yamato tries once more to express his love to the overly busty and sort of manly Momoyo whom he refers to as “Onee-Chan”, and she tells him she does love him, but not as a man…upon which signals to the four remaining girls that Yamato is up for grabs and they all smile happily as they plot to steal his love, thus ending the show….with no ending theme.

So let’s break this down:

  • No OP theme
  • No Ending theme
  • No character introduction
  • Vague past references
  • Random injured female characters who appear off and on in the episode only to speak cryptically about the Big Four. WHAT? WHO? REALLY?
  • No plot development
  • Overly packed with action
  • Reverse world where beautiful women are strong fighters and skinny male leads are smart strategist with no fighting skills

Conclusion: If the writers don’t start giving me character introductions and plot development in the next 2 episodes, I’m dropping this series. I had to wiki the game in order to get the backdrop to be able to answer all my questions in the first place…that is not what I want my manga or my anime to do to me. -`д´-