Blood-C Overview and Review




Studio Production I.G‘s second anime series to the Blood vampire franchise is a surprising collaboration with famed cutesy manga creators CLAMP. Maybe that’s why we seem to have such a differing tone far from the original Blood+, which aired in 2005–2006. Blood-C (for Clamp I’m assuming) has all the pretty character drawings as expected from the artist….minus the cute lovable animals. Instead they have huge scary, man eating animals not resembling any of the Blood chiropterans. Where as the usual man eaters of the Blood series are all monotonically shaped feral monsters with no personalities or form of individualism, hell bent on one mindless single goal, the creatures from the third installment differs entirely from the world we know Blood to have originated from. Here in this new world we have a clumsy yet cheerful Saya who is always happy and optimistic, monsters referred to as “Elder Bairns” that can speak, and who all look like different characters from a warped video game, and mass amounts of unholy blood and carnage.

We get introduced to a young girl with a cheerful personality who greatly loves her father and who deeply cares about others. Saya is a shrine maiden sent out each night by her father to take down the “Elder Bairns” who hunt at night, eating humans. Her eyes turn red when she moves into her killing mode and she defeats these anomalies by slicing them to shreds with her sword. As w progress through the series audiences might slowly become annoyed at the fact that Saya seems to not be good at saving..ANYONE. People die left and right before she even decides to make a move. Eventually even the people she cares about, her friends, start to get eaten by the Elder Bairns whom are all giant monsters of varying shapes, colors, sizes, and quirks (giant robots, giant bunnies, one eyed women, floating heads, statues that eat, giant birds, trains that kill, shadows, etc). Every episode starts off with a male voice narrating some philosophical questions about life and humanity, which you know is Fumito the cafe shop owner who prepares Saya’s food for her daily. What you later are revealed is that soft spoken Fumito is actually conducting an experiment on a deserted island where everyone (including Saya’s friends/classmates) are all actors hired by Fumito. Fumito wanted to see if he could make Saya into a different person or if she would stay herself, a violent elder bairn who eats her own kind. Fumito uses Saya’s blood to control the Elder Bairns into attacking after he has discovered this contract that humans had made with the monsters ages ago (a contract stating for one moment in a season they can eat as many humans as they wish as long as they return to a fast for the rest of the years coming). Fumito seeming wants to use this contract to his own will by capturing Saya and seeing if he could erase her memory could he control her too. Luckily for Saya she regains her memory due to unhappy actors Nono, Nene, Tokizane , and Tsutsutori who joined the cast for their own selfish reasons (money, criminal record, fame). Fumito unleashes first Saya’s father (fake father put there as part of her false memory), who turns out to be a cross between a human and an Elder Bairn controlled by Saya’s blood to attack and try to defeat her, and then a large bunny like Elder Bairn to destroy the village and all the actors living there in a mass bloody massacre not safe for ages 18 and under, while Saya gives chase, hell bent on getting back at Fumito for capturing her and using her. Fumito escapes via helicopter while everyone save one cast member is killed brutally. As Saya tries to jump after their fleeing copter, Fumito  shoots Saya in the eye, telling her that the dessert she loves so much is actually made out of the flesh of the Elder Bairns and that he one day hopes she can kill humans again (due to a contract from ages ago she cannot kill humans, so she eats her own kind instead which upon her winning the experiment Fumito would find a way for her to be able to kill mankind again which he never delivered).

This all sounds like it was a horrible series and a lot of reviewers and bloggers have had mixed opinions on it. It doesn’t follow the typical Production IG format and it has a lot of Clamp elements; the cute  cryptic dog who granted Saya’s wish to remain herself, the bubbly clumsy heroine, the handsome characters and diverse fantasy monsters. IG had some old Blood elements such as the government involvement, the the mysterious past revolving Saya, and a set mission that is either unknown or unclassified. I think people must understand that this anime was more or else meant to be a long trailer/lead up to the movie that was announced at the end of the series. The movie developed and planned first before they decided to launch the prequel with a budget of 50 million yen from the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Yes the series is overly gory and unnecessarily blooded and yes Saya seemed most often times unable to do much of any heroine like saving, but when we finally close the chapter on the 12 episode audience might track back and think, wait this is her real personality, why would she want to save someone? The whole time there was for-telling and hints left and right with characters making remarks about “do you think she remembers?”. The dog is a story build up so that viewers will want to watch the movie to get all the answers they are left with in the end. It’s a build up and appetite wetter and I for one am looking forward to the movie more than I had a release for a new episode of the series. I’m hoping that all those lingering questions get answered, the dog, the wish, the promise, her past, what, why, etc. If not….there are going to be a lot of angry angry people out for BLOOD. =P Yeah yeah yeah I’m lame. Let’s just wait for June.