Anime Ramblings: Gintama Episode 228

I’ve been meaning to start reviewing or commentating episodes of Gintama, or mainly just commentating on the awesome parts of the anime. I haven’t had much time to update much of anything, but I’ve decided rather than writing some kind of witty long-winded review that would take forever to write, I should just make my reviews brief, sweet, and pretty much incomprehensible– just any personal comments, reactions or impressions I had while watching the anime. And I’m pretty sure that not everyone would even understand my gibber. So… what better than to start with the latest episode? And if I have time, I might even go back and review the earlier seasons as well.

But without further ado, I presentnmy commentary of Gintama episode 228 with screencaps:

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This episode starts out with Shinpachi telling his sister, Otae, that he’s gotten a girlfriend and he wants to introduce her. But because this series is Gintama and the character in question is Shinpachi, the next scene we find out that his girlfriend, Momo-chan (parody to Nene? lol), is a 2D character from a love simulation game on the “TS” called “Ai Choris,” an obvious parody to the Japanese love-sim Love Plus, haha… I think I bust a gut laughing at Gintoki and Kagura’s reactions at this.

But what I really want to know is how voice actors Sugita Tomokazu (Gintoki) and Sakaguchi Daisuke (Shinpachi) liked voicing this episode. It’s no small secret that both Sugita and Sakaguchi are fans of “Love Plus.” Sugita has made many mentions of the Love Plus dating sim on his radio shows, more specifically Manaka, the 2D girl who he has the hots for, lmao. Or is it her voice (*cough* Hayami Saori *cough*) that he’s obsessed with? I just want to see their live-recording reactions and afureko for this episode so badly. He probably made a bunch of under-the-breath comments during the recording… and whatever Sugita says is always funny (Freedom Sugita FTW!)

But this episode was hilarious– So Kondo, whose 2D girlfriend is Sayaka (Manaka parody?) explains the game to everyone and pretty much makes Gin-san play the game and enter a tournament in order to try to snap Shinpachi out of his delusional fantasy. But the 2D girl that Gin-san ends up with is P*nko, an ugly middle-aged widowed housewife. Many things happen– P*nko’s son dies when Gin-san shuts the game without saving, she ends up cursing and haunting him in his sleep, and he pretty much starts having hallucinations of her and her dead son everywhere he goes. And of course, Sugita does a great job voicing a freaked out Gin-san. By this time, my eyes were watering from laughing way too hard pretty much nonstop.

Anyway, Kondo explains that when you start seeing the characters as real (start hallucinating), that is when Gintoki can start understanding Shinpachi’s obsession. We also find that the game characters are customizable depending on how you treat and interact with them. Meanwhile, Gin-san just wants to stop hallucinating. But they both go the tournament– the point of the tournament is to pick out the best ideal “waifu” among everyone”s fantasy girl. When they get to the tournament, they end up bumping into Toujo Ayumu, whose fantasy girl is a Kyuubei-based P*nko, haha. Even more cracktastic is the appearance of Sa-chan who somehow fashioned her P*nko into some grotesque version of Gin-san, lol, and Okita Sougo who steals and turns Kondo’s 2D girlfriend into some slave using his Do-S methods.

The episode ends with Shinpachi coming in with his ideal fantasy girlfriend who far outshines everyone else’s 2D girlfriend. Somehow, Gin-san needs to win the tournament and beat Shinpachi out of his fantasy-induced haze with P*nko and her dead son. Hahahaha. To be continued in the next episode. I seriously can’t wait.