Oricon Poll: Which Celebrity Would be the Ideal Prime Minister?

Oricon recently asked their users to see which celebrity they thought would make an “ideal” prime minister.
The top ten are listed here:

01 – Kitano Takeshi (TV personality, director, actor, comedian)
02 – Higashikokubaru Hideo (former governor of Miyagi, politician, TV personality)
03 – Ikegami Akira (Journalist)
04 – Ichiro (Baseball player)
05 – Hashimoto Tooru (governor of Osaka, TV personality)
06 – Ishihara Shintaro (governor of Tokyo)
07 – Ota Hikari (comedian)
08 – Kimura Takuya (SMAP, actor)
09 – Tokoro George (TV personality, comedian, singer, actor)
10 – Son Masayoshi (CEO of Softbank Capital & Softbank Mobile)

Interesting list, though in my opinion its impossible for anyone in politics to ever be ideal.
Who would you pick?