ZONE Reunites After 10 Years As Promised

3-nin ZONE: TOMOKA, MAIKO, MIYU (From Left to Right)


Legendary Japanese Pop Rock 4-person Band, ZONE began this month by performing live on television for the first time after their 2005 disbandment. The lyrics of their hit song, “Secret Base ~君がくれたもの~,” had promised fans that they will meet again in August ten years from the song’s release. That particular song was released in August 8, 2001, and as the promised date approached the former members of the group met on August 1st to begin a series of events they hope will fulfill the sincere promise made 10 years ago. Along with a few live performances, the girls will be releasing a limited edition album on August 10th called “ZONE Tribute ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~”, which will feature other female artists doing covers of ZONE’s songs. The proceedings of their 10 year reunion events will be used to help those effected by March Tohoku Earthquake.

So, did the girls fulfill their promise? Well, yes. As much as possible that is. Of the 5 possible former members, 3 have reunited for the August events. Unfortunately for fans, neither of the group’s former leaders will probably show up having retired from showbiz. Fans are still eager to see this promised fulfilled, but I still think it would have been cool to see a 5 person ZONE performance.