Sakamoto Maaya and Suzumura Kenichi Tie the Knot!

Huge news in the seiyuu world! All the Japanese seiyuu blogs and forums are going crazy.

Sakamoto Maaya  (坂本真綾) and Suzumura Kenichi (鈴村健一) have recently announced on their respective blogs that they got married on August 8, 2011!  Wow, what I thought was vague rumor about them being together was apparently true, but it’s pretty amazing how they managed to keep their private lives out of the limelight without being suspected seriously. But, now that they have both officially confirmed their marriage on their blogs, we can finally say, “Congratulations to them both! May they have a happy and long marriage!” Personally, I think they make an awesome couple. Can we say “a dream pair made in anime?”

Sakamoto Maaya, 31, made her debut in 1992 when she was only 12 years old as Chizuru in the anime “Little Twins.” However, her big break was her role of Kanzaki Hitomi from “Tenkuu no Escaflowne” in 1996. She has long since become a prolific seiyuu with many roles under her belt. She voiced Fujioka Haruhi from “Ouran Koukou Host Club,” Aerith Gainsborough in the Final Fantasy VII franchise, Lunamaria Hawke from “Gundam SEED Destiny,” Nino from “Arakawa Under the Bridge,” and Ciel Phantomhive from “Kuroshitsuji. But her success does not only end in the  seiyuu industry. She is also a successful singer who has to date released seven studio albums, three compilation albums, and a plethora of singles. It is amazing to note that she was only 16 when she collaborated with Yoko Kanno, which was the start of her singing career. The innocent yet talented teenage girl we first saw in those “Vision of Escaflowne” DVD specials has grown up to be a mature and beautiful woman with a sweet and melodic voice… who is NOW MARRIED. Wow, I shouldn’t still be surprised. I mean, she’s already 31, for goodness sake.

Suzumura Kenichi, 36 going on to 37, is an extremely prolific seiyuu who first made his voice-acting career debut as Morley from “Macross 7.” However, it is his later roles that have propelled him forward in the popularity charts. His most significant roles include Lavi from “D. Gray-man,” Isumi Shinichirou from “Hikaru no Go,” Kamui from “X” TV series, Shinn Asuka from “Gundam SEED Destiny,” Ryuutaros from “Kamen Rider Den-Ou,” Hitachin Hikaru from “Ouran Koukou Host Club,” Zack Fair from the Final Fantasy VII franchise, and Okita Sougo from “Gintama.” Following in his wife’s footsteps, he has also dived into the singing industry under the Lantis label in 2008 and has already released two full-fledged albums, six going on seven singles, and many other songs as CONNECT with Iwata Mitsuo.

Aside from their voice work, their singing career, their concert tours, their respective radio shows, and many other programs, we definitely know that both Maaya and Suzu are diligent hard workers who don’t even seem like they have time to date, let alone get married. But apparently, they did have some time to develop their relationship over the years– Amusingly enough, both Suzu and Maaya have starred in many series together, a couple of them where Suzu’s character was romantically interested in Maaya’s character– these include Zack and Aerith from “Final Fantasy VII,” Shiki Ryougi and Mikiya Kokutou from “Kara no Kyoukai,” Hikaru and Haruhi from “Ouran Koukou Host Club,” and Shinn Asuka and Lunamaria from “Gundam SEED Destiny.” It wouldn’t be surprising that they courted each other in the studio and afureko, lol.

Now I want to know about the wedding, whether it was a huge affair a just a small ceremony between close friends. I want to know who Maaya’s maid of honor was and whether Sakurai Takahiro was Suzu’s best man. But for now, I’m satisfied just knowing that this seiyuu pairing has been ultimately confirmed.

Sources: Suzumura Kenichi’s blog, Sakamoto Maaya’s website