ONE PIECE Volume 63, 3.9 Million Produced in First-printing

ONE PIECE Volume 63 Cover

ONE PIECE Volume 63 Cover


Volume 63 of ONE PIECE breaks its own national record by producing a 3.9 million first-print run at its release. Volume 56, released in December 2009, had 2.85 million copies produced in its first print run. Volume 61 had 3.8 million books printed in it’s first print run while Volume 62 also had 3.8 million copies printed due to the March 11 Touhoku Earthquake. However, now that Fishman Island Arc is getting fired up and Japan is recuperating, I’m thinking we’ll be seeing even higher sales in the future.

This all just goes back to show just how much ONE PIECE’s popularity has rocketed since 2008. Who would have thought it would become this popular in 1998? But yes, ONE PIECE has come a long way, and seriously, it really deserves the props it’s getting. I can’t really think of any other shounen manga that has such a complex blend of action, emotion, passion mixed into one series– with an addition of just good plain ol’ storytelling from Oda that leaves you wanting more.  I just thought it was fitting that the first post of this weblog should be about ONE PIECE, Japan’s manga darling. That, and this article only leads up to the next post I have planned that pretty much discusses why ONE PIECE is just so popular with age ranges 5-50+.

What do you guys predict for the upcoming volumes? Will it hit eventually hit 10 million print?

Source: Mantan Web (Mainichi Shinbun Digital)