Horipro and Lantis Anime Singer and Seiyuu Audition in Los Angeles

For the first time in it’s illustrious 36 year history, Horipro talent agency’s “Talent Scout Caravan” audition will be making a stop in Los Angeles. The annual event has given starts to many big name actresses such as Fukada Kyoko, Ayase Haruka, and Ishihara Satomi. The Los Angeles audition will be held August 27-28 at the Horipro Music Academy.

This year’s theme or focus is on finding an anime voice actress/singer and with Los Angeles being home to many anime conventions including the largest Anime Expo, it makes it one of the prime locations to scout for foreign voice talent.

The audition is open to females of any ethnicity, ages 12-22, and with enough Japanese speaking ability to carry on everyday conversations.

Prizes include a management contract with Horipro, a debut as a singer under the Lantis music label, and a cash prize of one million yen.

Official Talent Scout Caravan page (Japanese)

Source: Oricon