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Momoiro Clover Z to host Special Fan Event on July 1 in LA

As a special treat for the attendees of Anime Expo 2015, Superstar Pop Singing Group Momoiro Clover Z will be hosting a special event just for their fans at the JW Marriott on July 1st. Attendees who already have tickets to the MCZ Concert, which will take place at 8PM on July 2nd at Microsoft Theatre, will get priority seating at the special July 1st event. For information, please visit: http://www.anime-expo.org/momoiro-clover-z-event-with-special-guest/


MCZ’s Special Fan Event will take place on July 1st, Anime Expo’s “Day 0,” at the JW Marriott Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles, in the Platinum Ballroom, from 7pm-9pm. All five members from the band— and a special guest—will be there to say hello, and teach their fans how to dance!

MCZ will present their fans with a chance to watch a concert DVD and learn about otagei so that MCZ fans can follow with the members of Momoiro Clover Z during their concert!


Momoiro Clover Z to perform at Anime Expo, Hosted by Members of KISS

Momoiro Clover Z will be performing at this year’s Anime Expo! The group will be introduced to the United States by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of legendary rock group KISS. The concert will be held on Thursday, July 2 at the Microsoft (formerly Nokia) Theater. Momoiro Clover Z collaborated with Kiss earlier this year for the single Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina.

Momoiro Clover has previously performed overseas at Japanese Anime and Culture conventions and fairs in Germany, France, and Malaysia. Great to see them making their way to Los Angeles for their first show in the states. Tickets for this special concert are now on sale at the Anime Expo website and can be purchased at:  http://www.anime-expo.org/momoiro-clover-z/




Concert Report: SCANDAL in Los Angeles 5/22/15

On May 22-23, the Japanese girl band SCANDAL returned to California for shows at the House of Blues in West Hollywood and in Anaheim. They had previously held a concert back in July of 2011 at a anime convention in the Anaheim Convention Center and local fans have been waiting for another chance to see them. I was lucky enough to attend that show as well and it was a fantastic experience. The girls also made a US concert stop in Chicago the previous weekend.

Fans lined up hours in advance to get themselves prime spots for the show. Once we were inside, the building energy and anticipation of fans was discernibly  palpable from the chants, shouts, and conversations going on. The decor of the venue was bright, colorful, fittingly energetic for the show that was about to take place. With the ritual of breaking the glowsticks, the packed crowd’s excitement was reaching a crescendo’s peak, thankfully the girls of SCANDAL didn’t make them wait too long.

They opened with  love in action from their most recent album HELLO WORLD. A great high energy choice to start the show off with and to get the crowd going. The song starts with RINA’s powerful drums, TOMOMI’s high and cute voice with the opening lines and followed by HARUNA’s clear strong voice to create a musical mixture that really works. love in action was followed by Satisfaction a coupling track from the 2011 single “Haruka”, an upbeat poppy song that’s personally one of my favs. A bit of trivia, Satisfaction was used as a Windows 8 commercial song in Japan.

SCANDAL was formed in 2006 and it’s been a pleasure for many long-time fans to see the girls really grow and develop as artists and band-musicians. Years of consistent hard work and practice have paid off and it really shows when you compare their earlier performances to their current ones. The musicianship, confidence, and stage presence have developed to a level that most would have never expected when watching them as they first started out. This is easily agreed upon by veteran fans and those that take the time to dive into earlier performances. Thankfully although their latest album HELLO WORLD was a central focus of the show they treated fans with several other tracks from their discography including those that would be considered classics or iconic of the group’s history and image.

The 3rd song of the night was one of these iconic tracks, their major debut single DOLL. As expected the fans reacted with voluminous cheers and clapping. When this song was released SCANDAL was still performing in schoolgirl uniforms while they were still trying to find or develop an image for themselves. With the schoolgirl image behind them, the ladies are now distinctively different from the rest of the female Japanese music scene that so often gets caught up on the schoolgirl phase . The flashing lighting of the venue coupled with the mass twirling of towels by the fans provided a scene that demonstrated the fans reception to and the status of this particular song.

Following DOLL was Shunkan Sentimental, the song was used as an ending theme for the anime FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. So this song serves as a gateway to SCANDAL for many fans. Next up was Scandal Baby from their first album, another one of those fan favorites considered iconic and mainstay of their sound. From the wonderful opening guitar rift to the melody and chorus that convey so much emotion and  energy, a song that completely grips you from start to end.

It was clear that the girls have been working on their English for the various MC segments and messages. I’m happy they took the effort to interact with and thank the fans. The middle segment of the concert had the member’s individual songs, Hon wo Yomu, Kan Biiru, and Oyasumi from the HELLO WORLD album. It turned out to be a great segment that allowed solo focus on the girls and added variety with the change of pace and style of music. Especially standout was Rina’s performance of Oyasumi, it’s not everyday you have the drummer doing a solo and playing the guitar.

They continued their set-list with several more songs from their recent album and finished with Image. But of course as with any other Japanese concert, the end isn’t really the end, but the time to begin encore chants. When the girls came back out, the fans sang Happy Birthday for Mami who had just turned 25 the day before. They finished off the night with Awanai tsumori no, genki dene and EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!, what a way to end the night! Thank you for the  wonderful show, can’t wait for the next time SCANDAL is in town.



  1. love in action
  2. Satisfaction
  3. DOLL
  4. Shunkan Sentimental
  6. Kagen no Tsuki
  7. Onegai Navigation
  8. Hon wo Yomu
  9. Kan Biiru
  10. Oyasumi
  11. Departure
  12. Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY
  13. Yoake no Ryuuseigun
  14. Your song
  15. Image


  1. Awanai tsumori no, genki dene



Team Syachihoko Collaboration with Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx’s Youtube channel has uploaded video of Team Syachihoko’s performance of Back 2 The Wild

They collaborated together back in March for Basement Jaxx’s Tokyo show.


Update: MTV81 has released an exclusive interview and additional footage from the collab.




Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku’s 8th single Natsu Daze Johnny announced

It has been announced that Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku‘s 8th single Natsu Daze Johnny (夏だぜジョニー) will be released on June 17 2015


The song plays with the theme of thawing out from winter for summer.

The composition and lyrics of Natsu Daze Johnny are by Ryo from Orange Range and Shiraishi Satori.

The B-side track Noushou Sakuretsu Girl is the theme song a Japanese movie of the same title.

Ginyuushijin was written and composed by Koharu (Charan Po Rantan).

Candy Logger is composed by Ide Koji.

Regular Edition:
Natsu Daze Johnny (夏だぜジョニー)
Noushou Sakuretsu Girl (脳漿炸裂ガール)
Natsu Daze Johnny (Less Vocal)
Noushou Sakuretsu Girl (Less Vocal)

Tour Limited Edition
Natsu Daze Johnny (夏だぜジョニー)
Ginyuushijin (吟遊詩人)
Natsu Daze Johnny (Less Vocal)
Ginyuushijin (Less Vocal)

Online (forTUNE Music) Limited Edition
Natsu Daze Johnny (夏だぜジョニー)
Candy Logger (キャンディロッガー)
Natsu Daze Johnny (Less Vocal)
Candy Logger (Less Vocal)


Preview of Momoiro Clover Z’s song for Dragonball Z movie Fukkatsu no F

The preview video for Momoiro Clover Z‘s new song Z no Chikai (Pledge of Z) was just released. In the video, all five members of the group are dressed as characters from the series Dragon Ball Z. Leader Momota Kanako as Goku, Tamai Shiori as Vegeta, Takagi Reni as Piccolo, Sasaki Ayaka as Trunks, and shortest member Ariyasu Momoka as shortest character Chiaotzu.

The Dragonball Z movie Fukkatsu no F will be released on April 18.

The single will be released on April 29.

Edit: May 1, 2015- The full version of the Music Video has been released.


Babymetal’s debut album to get a U.S. release

Babymetal has announced they’ve signed a deal with RAL/Sony and will be re-releasing their debut album in the U.S.

BABYMETAL–the Japan-based all-girl-fronted “Kawaii Metal” (mix of J-Pop Idol and Heavy Metal) group–has signed with RAL/Sony Music Entertainment for the U.S. release of their 2014 critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. The album’s re-release will feature two bonus tracks (cover art and tracklisting below) and be available digitally on Tuesday, May 12 and physically on Tuesday, June 16.

Says Bill Richards, VP of Marketing at RAL/Sony Music Entertainment: “After witnessing the band’s sold-out New York show, we knew we wanted to be involved. The core metal fans and metal press seem to get BABYMETAL, which shows how the language of music transcends boundaries. They hit all the entertainment buttons and are really fun to watch.”


01. Babymetal Death
02. Megitsune
03. Gimme Chocolate!! 
04. Line!
05. Akatsuki
06. Doki Doki  Morning
07. Onedari Daisakusen
08. Song 4
09. Uki Uki  Midnight
10. Catch Me If You Can
11. Rondo Of Nightmare
12. Head Bangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!
13. Ijime, Dame, Zettai

Bonus tracks

14. Road Of Resistance (feat. Herman Li & Sam Totman of Dragonforce)
15. Gimme Chocolate!! (Live at O2 Academy Brixton, London)


Official Merchandise can be purchased from their online stores





More Announcements for Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 (TIF2015)

With the latest additions of i☆Ris , Lagoon BluemanaminorisaOSAKA☆SHUNKASHUTOPink BabiesPREDIANNAPrizmmy☆Tochiotome 25 , and Vanilla Beans. The number of groups attending this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival has reached 91. Compare to last year’s total of 138 groups, it’s highly likely a few more announcements and additions will be in the forecast for the near future.


TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015 Official Site : http://idolfes.com/2015/

Full/Current Lineup page: http://www.idolfes.com/2015/lineup.html


Babymetal announces 2015 World Tour including stops in North America

Hot on the heels of their hugely successful 2014 World Tour and sell out concerts in their native land, Babymetal’s official page has announced the dates and locations for the 8 stops of their 2015 World Tour.


Flash your fox-signs and SEE YOU (there)!


Updated Tour Dates:


  • May 9 Circo Volador | Mexico City, Mexico
  • May 12 Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Canada
  • May 14 House of Blues | Chicago, USA
  • May 16 Rock of the Range | Columbus, USA
  • May 29 ROCKA V ARIA | Munich, Germany
  • May 30 ROCK IM REVIER | Gelsenkirchen, Germany 
  • June 1 La Laiterie | Strasbourg, France
  • June 3 X-TRA | Zurich, Switzerland
  • June 5 Estragon Club | Bologna, Italy
  • June 6 ROCK IN VIENNA | Vienna, Austria
  • June 21 Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1~3 | Chiba, Japan
  • August 29 Reading and Leeds Festivals 2015 | Reading, UK
  • August 30 Reading and Leeds Festivals 2015 | Leeds, UK

Team Syachihoko to perform overseas for the first time in Dalian, China


Team Syachihoko will perform at the “2nd Dalian Japan Brand” in Dalian, China on March 21 and 22. They will perform two free shows each day on a special stage for the event. This will be their first overseas performance, and the event is to promote Japanese products and culture.